Learn the history behind the maker mkt and the mission for future shopping events.


the maker mkt launched in October 2020 after founder, Jessi Sanfilippo, discovered a need in the handmade, reseller, maker, and small business space to enhance the shopping event experience for their customers. 

With the impending in-person market season quickly approaching, and the climate not being ideal for such events, Jessi decided to develop a shopping events company that closely emulates the experience of walking into a vendor booth, chatting with the owner, and making gift or personal purchases…from the safety and comfort of one’s own home.

Contrary to current multi-vendor markets in the space, the maker mkt facilitates markets that are interactive, innovative, gamified, and marketable.


We are currently in the process of building on top of what we’ve already established for our events. This includes the following:

Meet the FOunder

Jessi Sanfilippo has worked in marketing and community building since 2008.

She has built a number of successful digital experiences for clients and herself through her marketing agency, Up Top Agency

As a small business owner + maker, Jessi has an immense penchant for building and providing systems and tools for those in the same space to thrive and succeed.

Learn more about the maker mkt founder here.

Founder, Jessi Sanfilippo – the maker mkt


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